Back from Sicily

Nina and I spent 2 weeks on the Island of Sicily, tracing ancient Greek history of 2400 years ago, and tracing Operation Husky. The latter is a tad more recent, taking place from July 9th, 1943 and the subsequent 38 days. although I planned everything meticulously things went wrong of course. It started with an ’emergency visit’  to our daughter in Switzerland, throwing our planned preparations off somewhat. And when we got home we ran into some sort of stomach virus that put us in bed for two days. We even had to postpone the start of our trip, change lodgings and wat have you.

Anyway, we DID het to see many of the planned locations, museums and battlefields, and I DID manage to lay contacts with a few Italian WW2 historians. I will follow up with them in the coming months.

I will also report further on our trip in subsequent posts, but will need to spread it out a bit because of many other activities currently. So stay tuned and check back once in a while for more stories, photos and new locations !

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